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Ethos Digital Network is born
the new advertising opportunity that involves all the Group's channels

Web radio, in-store radio, apps, loyalty, CRM, websites and social channels of each individual Mall, push notifications: a true digital network that will be possible to plan in a personalized and integrated manner based on the objectives of the campaign and the needs of the customer. customer.

A unique opportunity for those who want to convey their advertising to a broad target: in fact the coverage of Ethos Digital Network is over 17 million unique users, mostly located in central/southern Italy.

A wide-ranging project, born from years of study and research, characterized by four fundamental assets.

Governing digital cross-media

A single network created with the aim of increasing user engagement through the synergy of the numerous channels involved. The advertising message can be disseminated simultaneously on different media, thus reaching heterogeneous audiences.

Profiling campaigns

The user of Shopping Centers is highly known, targeted and loyal; this will allow the campaign to hit a specific target for its message and involve every single member of a family unit, thus multiplying the real number of intercepted users.

Digital & Social income

For the first time, all Shopping Centers and their digital channels are involved in the network. An earning opportunity for each center that can be involved in cross-media and national campaigns.

Value for tenants

Their communications can travel simultaneously on all network channels in a simple and integrated way. An important opportunity for visibility, a great value for the tenants of the Group's Shopping Centers.

From data analysis
to the certainty of the result

This new opportunity strengthens the trust and choice made on the asset, bringing great value to our Malls and the various tenants, who will thus be able to communicate in a simple and integrated way. By combining all our available channels and measuring the opportunities to see from advertising media, we count over 200 thousand contacts per day and 230,000 leads, numbers that are destined to grow further.

Thanks to our ability to provide precise data through the study of algorithms capable of integrating the data collected, both in terms of flows and use of vehicles and services, we have specific models capable of making the investment objectively measurable. With us, the media will not only acquire the traditional space, i.e. the physical one, to engage users, but will also be able to involve the known, targeted and loyal user, multiplying the real number of intercepted users.


Each project was conceived with care and attention to detail, with the aim of creating exceptional spaces that offer extraordinary experiences. Browse our selection of projects and be inspired by our innovative and creative solutions.

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