Services - Commercializzazione, gestione, property management e pilotage centri commerciali Siti

Tailored real estate management projects

The consulting company Ethos can prepare real estate management projects made to suit each and every need. It also offers consulting on a broad range of real estate services. The range of solutions for the suggested sale, management, property management and pilotage projects can be tailored to the shopping centre’s needs.

Ethos manages and develops every aspect of the shopping centre be it commercial, technical, financial and administrative. In addition, it offers the chance to follow, organise and monitor the establishment of associations or consortia:

  • from MANAGING RENTAL of shared spaces to their maintenance
  • from COMMUNICATION to safety, from sales statistics to monitoring suppliers
  • from CREATING EVENTS to managing contracts and updating them
  • from PUBLIC RELATIONS to credit collection
  • from BUDGET CONTROLLING and management to monitoring staff
  • from PROMOTIONS to controlling quality and offered services
  • from RENTAL CONTRACTS to customer assessment
  • from REPORTING to licensing procedures.
  • Assessment of the shopping centre

    Technical/financial feasibility study; Location of the commercial facility; Assessment of the market potential and possible competitors for the shopping centre; Management of permits (administrative permits, COM forms, etc.).

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  • Shopping centre concept

    Study of the shopping centre concept to identify and develop the centre’s identity.

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  • Merchandising Mix

    Development of the shopping centre’s product mix, based on the strategies and needs that best suit the market in which the shopping centre is based.

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  • Selling the shopping centre

    Research, assessment and selection of operators and companies to include in the shopping centre right down to signing the contracts.

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  • Pilotage

    Interface with the operators and problem solving during the construction phase; Management and control over the budget for the events to open and launch the shopping centre; Prepare the specifications for the suppliers; Contract supplies; Set up the consortium (articles of association, rules, property quotas).

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  • Launch the shopping centre

    Relate with the local institutions; Outline advertising campaigns; Outline advertisement and promotion campaigns to suit the local territory.

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  • Management

    Budget estimates elaboration with their relative control; monthly charges invoicing, credit recovery management; analysis and reporting on the performance of complex and individual operators; supervision and control of the maintenance activities of the commercial complex; relationships with suppliers and local institutions; creation and realization marketing and promotional plans for the structure

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