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Centro Commerciale La noce

Via Casalina, 82/b , 00030 San Cesareo RM, Italia

06 87809534
06 87809535

Opening time:

Shopping Center:
From Monday to Sunday

From 9:00 am to  8:30 pm

First Floor Restaurant:

From Monday to Sunday

From 9:00 am to  9:00 pm

Conad Superstore:

From Monday to Friday

From 9:00 am to  8:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday

From 9:00 am to  9:00 pm



    “La Noce” Shopping Center home more than 40 stores among which Conad Superstore, Expert Electronics, man/women/children clothing, footwear, perfume shop, optician, book store,  household products, banks and restaurants. The shopping center is spread over three levels and covers approximately 16,000 mq with more than 40 stores; it offers lots of products for everyday life especially designed for families and young people. More than 650 indoor and outdoor parking spaces to which are added 350 external.

  • 11.321,50 MQ


  • 40 SHOPS

    Conad Ipermarket

  • 300 + 350

    Indoor and Outdoor Parking Spaces


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