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The Ethos consulting company was established in 2007 for the sale, general management, property management and development of shopping malls. Ethos offers consulting thanks to its network of real estate services dedicated to the real estate management of shopping centre.

Ethos: a new way of conceiving a property management company. We can optimise resources to ensure the utmost competitiveness of the shopping centre. Ethos: sale, management, property management and pilotage provided with quality for the real estate management market which is increasingly demanding and increasingly complex.



A young, dynamic, intuitive and creative spirit that grasps each hue and signal from the market to maximise the commercial performance of shopping centres, both during the management and the sale phases.

Ethos’ vision: never back down facing a new challenge. Combined with a broad offer of property services and increasingly targeted management and development strategies. Ethos consulting, a company that is ready to take on new ideas, enthusiastically and trusting its intuition, open and continuously changing.


Passion for what you do, awareness of one’s potential, the ability to treasure experience: all of this makes Ethos a reliable partner that can offer dedicated and personalized services to manage shopping centres.

In an increasingly competitive and aggressive market, it is essential to have in-depth knowledge of the shopping centre market and to know which are the most effective tools to build real leadership, to define effective strategies to develop the shopping centre, optimize the management of systems and ensure reliability, safety and performance.

Ethos is able to understand, optimise and manage in order to ensure the effectiveness of the shopping centre facility and to achieve the utmost performance/profitability of the commercial property investment.

    Understand and anticipate the property management needs.
    Optimise services by resorting to the experience of Ethos’ team of professionals.
    Manage the quality and effectiveness of services for the sale, general management, property management and pilotage of commercial centres.


Ethos offers a wide range of property services. It provides a dynamic and fresh outlook to get the most from your commercial property investment ensuring the highest quality standards in real estate management.

A traditional approach to business is no longer enough in property management. Ethos tries new ways, using an innovative method that sees the shopping centre as a multifaceted reality.

The ability to analyse this universe ad contemplate it from different viewpoints to change one’s point of view in order to get a better overview: this is essential to ensure top quality in managing, seling and developing a shopping centre.